Wedding Woes: A Bridesmaid's Dress Distress

For our first installment of Wedding Woes we’re sharing a reader’s less than functional relationship with every bridesmaid’s worse enemy - her dress. Enjoy!  

“From the get-go I had a bad feeling about this particular dress. For starters, it was for a winter wedding and while the dress was gorgeous, I knew the color would completely wash me out that time of the year. On top of that, when I went to have my measurements taken the number written on the order form was TWO SIZES bigger than what I normally wear - and even I sucked in!

Needless to say, my bruised ego and I took our time returning to face the dress again. However when I zipped it up I found myself pleasantly surprised – not only did the dress fit, but it was at least two sizes TOO BIG! The only bad news was, there were only weeks until the wedding and the dress was in desperate need of alterations.

Luckily one of my fellow bridesmaids knew a seamstress who promised I’d have the dress back within days. So I went and got it fitted and as promised I picked it up again with a week to spare. It wasn’t until the day of the wedding that I finally stepped back into the dress. But as I pulled it up it got to a point where it wouldn’t pull up anymore. After a few seconds of complete confusion I realized the bottom of my dress was sewn shut!

I went into total panic mode. I soon realized only the underlay of the dress had been sewn together. After some quick moves with a pair of scissors my dress was functional again. Shortly afterwards I was headed to the church in my dress that was finally flawless. And as for the color – I got a spray tan so Casper didn’t make an appearance while my best friend said ‘I do’!”

While this bridesmaid’s story makes for a good laugh now, we came up with a few ways to avoid a similar state of panic for any of our future bridesmaids:

  • If you really think your measurements are off, say something! They may even have a spare dress you can try on for size.
  • Don’t procrastinate! Pick your dress up as soon as it has arrived and take care of alterations right away.
  • Even the most trusted seamstress can make a mistake. Try the dress on before you take it home to make sure it fits perfectly!

We were in stitches with last week’s submissions so keep them coming to!