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Wedding Woes: A Bride's Blonde Blunder

This time on Wedding Woes we're sharing one of our bride's biggest "blonde moments" that coincided perfectly with her bridal portraits.  Definitely not the best timing for her, but it's happened to the best of us, right?! Enjoy!  

“ For a working bride, weekends are about the only time to get key pre-wedding tasks as well as every day appointments taken care of. With only so many weekends in a month you often find yourself over booked. In my case, I had the bright idea to make an appointment to test out my “wedding hair color” the day before my bridal portraits. Everyone knows you need a couple of days for your highlights to blend in and fade to a natural color. Well, everyone except for me. The day before. Really? WHAT was I thinking!?

Well, I wanted my hair “summertime blonde” for my wintertime wedding and boy did my stylist make it blonde! Half an hour after my appointment I went to pick up my gown for my portraits the next day. As soon as I got to the gown shop and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I thought "Oh s***, this is waaayyyyy too blonde!" The staff at the shop saw my concern but they all assured me “it was fiiiineee”.

I drove home immediately afterwards and showered, praying some of the color would wash out.  After blow-drying my hair I just stared at myself in the mirror and started sobbing. I was going to look like My Size Wedding Barbie in my portraits and what if I couldn’t get it back to normal in time for the wedding?!

I frantically drove back to the salon hoping my stylist could work some magic. She (of course) told me it looked great but she could fix it if I really wanted her to. Bridezilla much? I think so. After what seemed like hours of the entire staff at the salon reassuring me it looked good, I finally convinced myself that it was OK and I would come to enjoy the color.

In the end, my bridal portraits turned out fine and my hair was back to normal in time for the wedding. However my bridesmaids did enjoy teasing me about how I managed to keep my hair so sun kissed that late in the fall!”


Brides, we’ll quote Elle Woods on this one for you: “The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would have known.” But just incase you forgot like this Lowcountry bride, here are a few helpful tips to avoid hair-do horror.

  • We know your schedule leading up to the big day is packed, but try to avoid planning appointments that will directly affect the other back to back!
  • For brides who color their hair, it does fade so give yourself a week or two before panicking!
  • Make sure your stylist knows exactly what you want when it comes to both color and style. And if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it, don’t be afraid to say something!

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