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sessalee williams

Intern {Sessalee}

So, last week we introduced Kelsey, our new Graphic Design intern, with a big ol' Lowcountry welcome, and this week, we’re hoping you do the same for our new Editorial Intern, Sessalee!  Sessalee comes to the table with an eye for style and a passion for design, so it’s no secret that we’re over-the-moon to have her join our team.  She’s got some exciting things in store for our Lowcountry brides and promises to bring them mounds of Southern wedding inspiration!

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Tell us a little about yourself...and by a little, we mean a lot!

Well, my name is Sessalee and I’m from the small town of Fort Mill, SC.  I’m a lover of college football, sweet tea, country music, and Nicholas Sparks’s novels. I hold my family, friends, and two dogs extremely close to my heart. I’ve lived in the beautiful state of South Carolina the majority of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Having lived in the Bluffton/ Hilton Head area my freshman year and conducting research in Charleston, I have really familiarized myself with South Carolina’s lowcountry and what all it has to offer. I’m currently a senior earning a BA in Hospitality Management with a focus in meetings and events at the University of South Carolina [GO GAMECOCKS!!]. I’ve always had an eye for design and never knew what I wanted to do with it. After taking an event planning course at the university, I found my niche. I’ve grown a passion for creating events, weddings being my favorite! I look forward to working alongside Mrs. Erin Whitsitt to further my experience and share the same love for the beautiful lowcountry. I’m excited for this journey and can’t wait to see where it takes me.


Top Five All-time favorite TV Shows…

  1.  The classic, “I Love Lucy”, is my top favorite TV show of all time. Lucy and Ricky always find a way to make any day better right before bed!
  2. “Say Yes to the Dress” is my obsession on TLC. Seeing brides pick out their perfect wedding dress always gets me emotional and excited all at once! I also love getting to see all the new style of dresses that come out!
  3. “Pretty Little Liars” is my favorite series to watch because it offers a taste of romance and mystery. It’s one of those shows that stay on my DVR so I can watch it over and over again!
  4. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/ Atlanta/ Orange County” is my taste of weekly reality TV. I must say I love watching the drama unfold in these women’s lives.
  5. “Big Bang Theory” is a favorite of mine and always gives me a great laugh!

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 What are you excited to bring to the table this summer...

I am excited to bring to A Lowcountry Wedding my love for design and tasteful ideas to make any wedding unique and perfect! With an eye for detail, I will provide brides who are soon to “tie the knot” with all the helpful tips to make their day special and memorable! I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge in doing something I feel that I’ve been made to do. Creating blogs and shoots for this new magazine that features the best of lowcountry weddings is right up my alley! I’m so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!


What’s your favorite thing about weddings...

My favorite thing about weddings would have to be the venue and the overall design of the reception area. I believe that the colors and design elements at any wedding adds to the excitement and beauty of someone’s perfect day.


It’s Friday and you just cashed your paycheck….what’s your first splurge?

Pedicures are my way of relaxing and rewarding myself after a long week of school and work. I think every girl deserves to be pampered, therefore why not splurge on a pedicure? I make sure to go to Starbucks after to get my favorite raspberry iced tea.

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 If you were a major league baseball player, what would be your ‘at-bat’ song?

Darius Rucker’s version of Wagon Wheel is my favorite song to jam out to wherever I’m at, so I would have to choose that as my ‘at-bat’ song.



I’m originally from Tampa, FL but I was raised my whole life in a small suburb outside of Charlotte called Fort Mill, SC. Fort Mill offers a small town feel with a little bit of city life being so close to Charlotte.



Hospitality Management Major, Meeting and Events focus


Favorite Item of Clothing

My favorite clothing item would have to be my brown wedges. They can be the perfect accent to dress up any outfit. Not to mention they’re easy to walk in which is always a plus!

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 Favorite Summer beverage

My favorite summer beverage would definitely have to be a mojito, raspberry being my favorite! Mojitos in my opinion are the perfect summer drink because they are so flavorful and refreshing! I’m a sucker for any fruity cocktail.


Current favorite color palette

EMERALD is by far my new favorite color palette! It can be paired perfectly with rich purples, bold blues, and stunning gold accents to create beautiful and exotic features. I assume my fascination with peacocks had a lot to do with this new favorite of mine.


Favorite Quote

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

E.E. Cummings