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Charleston Wedding Planner {Pure Luxe Bride}

If you are tying the knot in the Lowcountry and haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Charleston wedding planner Francesca of Pure Luxe Bride, then I’m about to do you a big favor.  Francesca’s well-rounded background in the hospitality industry ranges from marketing and catering, to full-on event design, so to say she’s the missing piece in your Southern wedding bash is an understatement.  Not only is she a joy to be around, but I’ve always been super impressed with her drive, creativity and ability to execute all her bride’s dreams!  So, y’all say hi to Francesca and check out the Pure Luxe Bride gallery on ALW... charleston wedding planner


Williamsport, PA 



St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA Marketing


Tell us a little bit about yourself…and by a little, we mean a lot :)

  • I' m obsessed with my dogs, Paris and Ginger.
  • I' m high energy all the time, spinning class is my relief at the end of a busy day! 
  • I also love going to the beach when I have time. 
  • I drink coffee on occasion but I usually steer away from caffeine. 
  • I' m a food brat, partly from my upbringing since my Dad was a chef. I enjoy cooking myself, especially Italian. 
  • I'm fortunate enough to have become friends with most of my clients. 
  • I change my hair like a chameleon! I just went blonde :)
  • I love to travel! Justin and I travel at least once a year to somewhere warm and tropical. 
  • I would take a block of cheese any day over desert. 
  • Best concert I have ever been to was Journey! However, my pandora is always set to Maroon 5 in my office! It is sacrilegious not to listen to Maroon 5 at least once a day. 

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One crazy fun fact we wouldn't know about you...

You can find love anywhere, Justin and I met at a Dunkin Donuts! 


Give us a little background on how your business came to life...

I was born and raised in the hospitality industry so it has always been in my blood, although my degree and background is in marketing. I was born and raised in hospitality but never thought I would work in the industry myself. I started the business for fun, and it evolved when I moved to Charleston. What a perfect spot for this industry! 


What is the one tip you wish you could tell every bride?

Do the First Look! It's worth it in so many ways!


Current favorite color palette?

Coral, Turquoise and Gold

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How can a bride come prepared to her first appointment with you?

Budget is key. Once we have a budget we can talk style and vision, but budget will help us match you with the vendors that fit best!


In three words, sum up your style...

glam. girly. romantic


It’s Friday and you just cashed your paycheck….what’s your first splurge?

Mani & Pedi or Massage


Favorite wedding detail you've ever designed?

There isn't one specific detail, but I do love patterns. I like to pull a pattern from somewhere and incorporate it into several different elements. I like to keep things consistent, but not too matchy.  


What blogs provide you daily inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing (non-wedding related)

We pull sources of inspiration from everywhere, whether it is walking through Lowe's, Target, or downtown Charleston. I often think of creative ideas when I' m not in front of my computer. 

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What the most rewarding thing about your line of work?

Seeing a brides face light up when she walks into her reception for the first time


Top Five All-time favorite TV Shows…

  1. Revenge
  2. Scandal
  3. Lie to Me
  4. Iron Chef
  5. Any of the Real Housewives...


If you were a major league baseball player, what would be your ‘at-bat’ song?

Anything Maroon 5


Favorite Summer beverage...

East Side (it's a Mojito with Gin instead of Rum. Super yum!)


Favorite Quote...

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"


Must have Lowcountry wedding detail….

Monogram- it must be somewhere at least once at every wedding :)

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 You can contact Pure Luxe Bride via:


Phone: 843.412.2495






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