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Blue & Blush Wedding at The Cedar Room



Cedar Room

Charleston, South Carolina


From the Bride: “We had our first date during the Charlotte uptown protests. I just happened to live in the heart of uptown. It was very romantic when Sledge came to pick me up, the sound of half a dozen helicopters hovering above us and their spotlights flashing about. As exciting as it was, we decided to venture to the White Water Center to enjoy River Jam, their weekly band and beer event. We grabbed a beer, a hot dog and shared some fries while we sat at a picnic table to listen to the band. I don’t remember what we talked about or who the band was, but I do remember how easy our conversation flowed and four hours slipped by before we knew it. As the band was finishing packing up, we were one of the last to leave and I hated the night was over.

On our way home the protests had reached the highway surrounding our route to get me home. The news was reporting that the crowd was becoming more violent, dropping rocks and items at the overpass onto cars. I had Sledge pull over while I looked up the exact location of the protests. I’ll be honest, I was starting to get scared, but Sledge took my hand and told me calmly not to worry, that he would get me home safely. Which he did. I’ve trusted him ever since. We joke about it now, how he took me out for a fancy first date meal. Even though we didn’t know it at the time, we both secretly love hot dogs, and so it was the perfect first date meal for us.


After our first date the state survey team had come into my nursing home for an unannounced survey. It took a lot of my time in the next week or so but Sledge and I stayed in touch. He asked if I wanted to go see a band called Love Canon next Friday. I said absolutely! But really I had no idea who Love Canon was. My work got easier and we were able to meet up for his Birthday at Selwyn Pub, which is one of our favorite spots before the show on Friday. That’s when Hurricane Matthew made his debut into this love story. Sledge told me his best friend Jeff from college lived in Charleston, and that Jeff, his wife Heidi, his kids, Jeff’s mom, and their German Shepard were coming to Charlotte that weekend to get out of Hurricane Matthew’s way and stay at his house. I told him with a house that full we could always make plans for the following weekend. Sledge insisted we were still going to Love Canon and couldn’t wait for me to meet his friends.


It was a great weekend. I got to see how Sledge seamlessly got along with my friends. I also got to experience his impeccable dance moves, and how can a lady resist? I met Jeff and his family and got to see such a funny side to Sledge that only Jeff can bring out. That weekend helped me let my guard down and I think that is when our story really took off. So all it took was a riot and a hurricane and the rest is history :)


Band: East Coast Entertainment // Floral, Draping, Decor & Equipment Rentals: Duvall Events // Musicians: Palmetto Strings // Hair Stylist: Lashes and Lace Bridal Hair and Makeup // Makeup Artist: Lashes and Lace Bridal Hair and Makeup // Dress Designer: Hayley Paige // Dress Store: Kleinfeld Bridal // Event Planner: Beautiful Bride Events // Ceremony Location: The Cedar Room // Photographer: Taylor Rae Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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